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| Novembre 2010

• Mercredi 10 Novembre à 20h30.

Les garçons de Piste AndMister Lucien
+ Casablanca Trotinette.

Ouverture dès 19h00 & restauration sur place.

( Entrée 8 euros - visuel : Xu HuaLing - contact : andmisterlucien@orfo.org )

• Vendredi 19 novembre 2010 à 21h00.

(ouverture des portes à 20h30)

Un concert proposé par La chaise Les tabourets
Trois Apparitions de Guitare Acoustique
guitare polymorphe à moteur | guitare expiatoire | guitare intrépide

— CIAN NUGENT (IRL, live set)
— TOM JAMES SCOTT (UK, live set)

Simon Quéheillard (FR) – live set
Hello everybody, songs or pieces you can ear by me are solo acoustic guitar. They are entirely acoustics with no add effects neither overdub. They are played on a folk guitar (metal strings) with a small motor (like the one you can find in electric objects to cook meal in the house). On the top of the motor is fixed a piece of plexiglas (sort of plastic) of the size of a coin. The motor makes the string vibrating like it could be done with a violin bow. I started this work during 2001-2003, then stopped during six years (from 2003 to 2009) to work on visual arts and writing. So I started again music with this solo work in 2009, and also in a duo with L'ocelle mare (Thomas Bonvalet). You can ear one of my intervention (in 2003) one the second disc of the band Cheval de Frise, called "Fresques sur les parois secrètes de crâne".
You can find informations about his other activities on the following links: http://www.editionsmix.org/main.html (go into "catalogue" then collection "noir") http://www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/regions/dracs/idf/abc.html http://www.fredericgiroux.com/fr/

Cian Nugent (IRL) – live set
Cian Nugent is a young guitar player and composer from Dublin who combines squicky pre-war blues, Appalachian string band music, modern classical and the Takoma school into a deeply personal style. His music boasts an orchestrated and fully instrumented sound that is playful and eerie at the same time.
In the past he has toured with people such as Jack Rose, Glenn Jones, Ben Reynolds, Nalle, The Family Elan, George Stavis, Jozef van Wissem, C Joynes, Peter Delaney, Thinguma*jigSaw and James Blackshaw throughout Europe and the United States.
"Spare, simple playing that is rich with emotion and truly beautiful."
Other Music
"Sweetly beautiful melodies that swing and swirl into complex and melancholic knots."
Aquarius Records

Tom James Scott (UK) – live set
Tom James Scott is a musician currently based in London, who's work  
for guitar explores the constructionvand deconstruction of melodic form. Heavily concerned with time and  spacing, his music shifts between lyrical, repetetive song structures, and a more concrete, textural approach to the guitar.
His compositions draw from aspects of traditional music,  improvisation, and modern composition, and have been published on two releases for the London based label Bo'Weavil recordings.
Live performances feature primarily un-accompanied acoustic guitar and are often hushed and meditative, creating a sense of tension and release as melodic "cells" form and then dissipate within the performance space.
He is currently working on a third release for Bo'Weavil, and continues to perform solo as well as part of improvised duo Clunes and Liberez.
(Tarif unique : 7 € )